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Attention Cat Lovers: Six Cool Gifts Under $50

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From book boxes and brooches through to lucky cat statues and lip balm, this list of quirky gifts will have the feline afficionados in your life purring with delight.

1. You should always wear your cat on your chest and your heart on your sleeve. This super-quirky cat brooch combines just the right amount of style, charm and swagger. Erstwilder brooch, $29.00

midnight cat

2. Soothe those dry, chapped lips in the finest kitty-style. The cat on the tin is dressed as Audrey Hepburn from “My Fair Lady”, complete with beehive hairstyle and tiara. What else do you need to know? My Pear Lady Pets Rock Moisturiser, $7.50

pets rock moisturiser

3. Possibly the craziest cat to ever have been unleashed upon the literary world, this super-cool Dr Seuss Book Box will definitely appeal to the craziest cat-lovers among us. The Cat in the Hat Gift Box, $35.00

cat in the hat

4. I promise you it doesn’t smell like cat. The box claims this incense is great for meditation and relaxation, CANCER Pet : There is a lot of activity in your Cancer pet’s sign. which can only mean one thing: spark it up and snuggle up with your cat in your lap. Pure bliss. Holy Cat incense, $7.95

holy cat incense

5. The ancient Egyptians were one cat-crazy civilisation, so much so that they worshipped our cuddly feline friends as gods. Bastet was the goddess that defended the pharoah and warded off evil spirits. Cool, calm and collected. Bastet Egyptian Statue, $49.90

bastet with earrings

6. I admit to being a bit of a cheater on this one (a cheetah, perhaps?) but tigers are the world’s biggest cat, so they are officially part of the feline family. Rug up for winter with some fierce faux-fur. Wildhoodz Pink Tiger hood, $39.90

pink tiger

Are you a cat-lover? Can you see any of these turning up on your wish list?




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