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Beaded Door Curtains

Om-Spirituality Door CurtainBeaded door curtains aren’t just for doors!

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, they can be used in a multitude of ways.

Beaded door curtains can be used to partition or subdivide a room – a great idea for those of us living in studio apartments or other spaces with multiple uses.  Maybe to separate the bedroom area from the living space, or the computer area from the lounge? Or even as bed curtains.

As well, beaded door curtains can be used as a wall hanging.   A quick and easy way to provide an attractive feature – a feature wall – in what might otherwise be a plain space.

Another innovative use for beaded door curtains is to enhance a window – perhaps providing a central decorative feature alongside other window treatments.

And of course, door curtains can be used in doors.  People have been using them in this way for centuries now, originating in Asia and then spreading across the globe.  Whether the door is internal or external, a door curtain can:
–      facilitate air flow
–      enable people to move in and out easily
–      and keep out those pesky flies!

Beaded door curtains come in a wide range of designs and at this time of year many of our most popular ones evoke the feeling of a long hot summer at the beach.  Check out:
–       Mono Kombi
–       Island Sunset
–       and Starfish.

Perhaps reflecting the Asian origins of door curtains, designs with Oriental themes have also proven to be very popular.  For example:
–       Yin Yang
–       Buddha Face
–       Om Spirituality
–       and Mandala.

We also have a range of plain beaded door curtains, if they are more to your taste.

Our beaded door curtains are easy to install.  Please exercise caution if there are small children around.  Avoid use where there is any risk of entanglement.

Take a look at our full range of designs: great for doors and offering opportunities to enhance your home in other ways as well.

Buy beaded door curtains here!

Update: Also take a few moments to check out this beaded door curtain promo page we’ve added to our website. From that page you can also download our beaded door curtain PDF Catalogue.

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