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Beaded Door Curtains – Aztec


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Aztec is a 90x200cm Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain with a geometric Inca inspired design.

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Aztec is a 90x200cm Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain with a geometric Inca inspired design.

Aztec – The History of the Aztecs?

According to Wikipedia, the Aztecs were Native American people who lived in Mesoamerica.  They ruled the Aztec Empire from the 14th to 16th century.

The name “Aztec” comes from the phrase “people from Aztlan”. Legends say that Aztlan was the first place the Aztecs ever lived. “Aztlan” means “place of the herons in the Nahuatl language.

Often the term “Aztec” refers just to the people of Tenochitilan.  This was a city on an island n Lake Texcoco.  These people called themselves the Mexica, which is why the country is called Mexicio, or the Nahua, which is why their language is called Nahuatl.

Before the Aztec Empire existed, the indigenous (native) people lived in many separate city-states.  These were small cities with farmland around them. Each state had its own ruler. Around 1100 AD, these city-states started to fight each other for power and control of the area’s poor.

Historians think the Aztecs came to central Mesoamerica around 1200.  They came from what is now northwest Mexico.

Why Use a Beaded Door Curtain?

Our beaded door curtains come in an assortment of designs and styles. From plain coloured or natural through to designs featuring spiritual, floral and beachside living themes.  These fun and colourful beaded screens will add dimension to any living space.

Beaded door curtains are useful for screening without obstructing natural movement of air. They also act as a deterrent to flying insects.

A fantastic item for introducing a relaxed and casual feel to your living space Beaded Door Curtains are not just for doorways. Having been created as a functional screen to reduce harsh light, they discourage insects and help air movement.  Beaded Door Curtains still continue to perform these functions brilliantly.  But there are a number of other creative ways that these decor items can be introduced into your interior space. One use is as a room partition. Screen an unsightly laundry area, or a workspace, separate a dining and living area.

A beaded door screen can be used as a wall feature. Simply suspend from a hook or two on a large, blank wall, they can be positioned in such a way that they dominate a vertical space or placed behind a low cabinet to extend to the ceiling height.

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 79 x 14 x 10 cm


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