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Cosy Animal Slumbies Super Soft Fur Slippers for Toddlers

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Slumbies super soft slippers for toddlers are so comfortable, so breathable, so washable and so affordable! And they are so unbelievably cute! Non-slip soles are perfect for toddlers, 100% polyester they pack down to nothing and are perfect for traveling.

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Animal Slumbies

Wait till you touch their fur …Animal Slumbies are oh so soft !

Classic Animal slumbies body – 6 new unique animals with our exclusive pom pom Sherpa lining. These cute new Animal Slumbies are machine washable and have non skid soles.

Slumbies Super Soft Slippers for Toddlers are So Comfortable!

These cosy little foot coverings are the perfect gift for toddlers. Slumbies have non-skid soles and are fully machine washable. 100% POLYESTER, Slumbies come in the following sizes:

Toddlers Small: USA shoe size 5-6
Toddlers Medium: USA shoe size 7-8

Toddlers Large: USA shoe size 9-10

Toddlers Extra Large – USA shoe size 11-12

Note: not all styles available in every size.

Now for some Slippery Facts

The World’s largest slipper is over 2m (or 7’) long and is owned by Tom Boddingham from London.   Tom ordered a pair of novelty ‘claws’ from a UK company (Monster Slippers), but a translation error by their Hong Kong factory led to them making a slipper the size of a small car (according to World Record Academy)

Tom’s not the world’s most famous owner of a slipper, though, as that honour would have to go to Cinderella, Judy Garland or ‘Slipper Man’

‘Slipper Man’

‘Slipper Man’ may not be a household name, but he’s gone down in history for wearing the same pair of slippers for 23 years (Guinness Book of Records, 2007).   We don’t recommend you try this at home with our slumbies, even though they are very durable and comfortable

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

Cinderalla’s claim to glass slipper fame has been questioned by some. Many versions of the Cinderalla story have been recorded through history, but in some the slipper is made of squirrel fur or gold.   Experts have suggested that the French words for fur (vair) and glass (verre) are very similar, leading to a mistranslation. Certainly from a comfort point of view, squirrel fur would have to be the winner (though squirrels would definitely disagree)

Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers

Judy Garland’s ruby slippers appeared in the 1939 MGM musical movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’.   Actually several pairs were made and used during the filming of the movie – with five still surviving today:

  • one of these was stolen in August 2005 and has never been recovered, although one fan has offered a $1 million reward for information
  • another was auctioned in 2011 and bought by a group of angel donors (including Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg) who donated them to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and ScienceFor that price Nick could have bought over 100,000 of our $24.95 Slumbies. And if he wore each one for as long as ‘Slipper Man’, they would have lasted nearly 2.5 million years. That’s a long time to have comfy feet.
  • Surprisingly, the famous ruby slippers might not even be the most expensive of all time – a diamond studded pair made for America’s Got Talent host, Nick Cannon, cost $2 million.
Slumbies super soft slippers for women












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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm
Slumbies Pattern

Belinda Bunny, Cathy Cat, Felicity Fox, Michelle Mouse, Patch the Dog, Peter Polar Bear


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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