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Meet Our Team of Psychic Readers

New Age Markets has a talented group of psychic readers each focusing on different aspects and disciplines of the craft. Contact New Age Markets to arrange your personal appointment to receive clarity, vision, direction or affirmation with the consultant of your choice or on the day which best suits you and your schedule or choose your session here.

Sessions are 1/2 hour $45, 45mins $65, 1 hour $85. Book on-line and pay via paypal or credit card.

You can also contact us  if you would like guidance regarding the best type of consultation to suit your requirements or purchase a session according to your preferences through the New Age Markets shopping cart.

Meet our Team of Psychic Readers

Anne is a third generation cartomancer, tarot reader and medium  with more than 60 years experience and can be consulted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Rhonda is a clairvoyant medium who is available for tarot readings and psychometry on Wednesdays.

Matthew is a numerologist, psychic, tarot reader and channeller and is available Sundays.

Leona uses tarot cards and is a medium. She is available Fridays.

Maria is a reader who uses cards and crystals. Maria is available on Saturdays.




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