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Meet Our Team of Psychic Readers

Tarot Room in SpringwoodNew Age Markets has a talented group of psychic readers in the Blue Mountains each focusing on different aspects and disciplines of the craft. Contact New Age Markets to arrange your personal appointment to receive clarity, vision, direction or affirmation with the consultant of your choice or on the day which best suits you and your schedule or choose your session here.

Sessions are 1/2 hour $45, 45mins $65, 1 hour $85. Book on-line and pay via paypal or credit card.

You can also contact us  if you would like guidance regarding the best type of consultation to suit your requirements or purchase a session according to your preferences through the New Age Markets shopping cart.

Meet our Team of Blue Mountains Psychic Readers



A clairvoyant medium who is available for tarot readings and psychometry.

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Leona uses Tarot Cards and is a medium.

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MatthewNumerologist, psychic, tarot reader, and channeller

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Illuminating Your Divinity Through The Loving Light Of Creation.*It is an honour to loving guide & assist you, in connecting with Source, Spirit guides & Loved ones.
Bringing you loving awareness, insightful information, restoring harmony & peace.
All from our Divine Pure Life Energy Source!A Born Gifted Empath & Intuitive Healer has received International Certification.Having attained Attunements in different Powerful Modalities
assist in your Spiritual Transformation by Raising your Vibrational Frequency.
This helps you unfold Your Spiritual capabilities of Manifestation.Let’s make a connection with our Divine Hearts & Aligning with the unfolding of Loving Source creation.*Channelled Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings.*TranceMedium Channeller.*Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Healer.*MultiDimensional Energy Healings.*Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing & Aligning.

*Crystal Healings -Lithotherapy.

*Shamanic Healings – Crystal  Dreaming -PLR.

*Advanced THETA Readings/Healings.

*ReConnective Healer Practioner.
*Remedial Aroma Therapeutic Massage.

*Spiritual Development, Guidance & Healings.

Transmuting & removing energetic blockages,
Clearing old patterning of karmic debris.
Realign, communicate ,Connect with Spirit.
Promotes relaxation & natural state of wellbeing.
Bringing in light & energy shifts,- assistance from our Divine Pure Life Energy Source!
Inspiring, Developing & Empowering you on your journey forward.

Exploring your gifted metaphysical abilities, connecting and reaching new spiritual heights.
Manifesting your vision with Illuminated Divine Guidance.

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Eliot is a high intuitive,specialist tarot practitioner and teacher.
Tarot can illuminate paths to growth both internally and externally.
Eliot’s reading style is unique having started from reading MAH JONG cards in 1987. A natural progression to TAROT and iCHING followed. Eliot is a member of the international Tarot Association and is a 4th generation Master Free Mason (the designers of modern esoteric Tarot – Alliette/Papus/Waite). Eliot balances his time between music and tarot as he is a firm believer in “do more of what you love”. Eliot will assist you by empowering you from reading the hidden messages in the Tarot to help deepen your understanding of yourself and the often challenging world around us – empowering you with suggestions and strategies. Eliot uses Tarot as his main tool to spark intuition, using both modern and traditional cartomancy techniques – using both ancient and modern Tarot decks.
“Know Thyself”

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